Snapshots of a Wedding

On my wedding day I shine
I’m ready for the show
Kindly imitating mummy when she married daddy
And the grown ups shelter
me well
Today, I am the news

Strange hour, unplanned for
In the church
Mass production beckons
And we line up gradually, uncharged

Warm wet faces fed
With beautiful fish
Sharp tongues cut glass
Bodies clothed
Daughters brought
And bellies full of cake

And the sound of boys climbing the walls
Temporary warriors
Today, I have become the lustful gaze of children

And handsome men
All around me
At night time I will carry them in
One by one
And wait for pleasure

Today my name is bride
All bad habits hidden away
I’m allowed to do
Whatever I want to
My bridegroom
A visionary
Clicking soldier
Throws out the guests with bad gifts.