Acting Projects

  • Working with Casting Director Amy Hubbard on new ITV drama ‘Honour’ directed by Richard Laxton
  • Acting in new BBC comedy Don’t Forget the Driver written by Toby Jones


The Guardian Interview with me on the #meetoo movement and rock n roll.

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Media Appearances in LA & New York

* The Young Turks
* Fox News
* The Style Channel
* Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine
* The LA Times
* Suicide Girls Radio
* Alice Cooper radio show
* Playboy Radio
* Vice Magazine
* Revolver Magazine
* Hustler Magazine
* Getty Images
* The New York Times

Media Appearances in Europe

* BBC Four (rock n roll history)
* The Sunday Times
* Metal Hammer
* Classic Rock,
* Kerrang Magazine
* Paris LeMonde
* Book Signing in Venice