I want a man like

I want a man like Leonard Cohen to garnish my hair with
 begonias when he reads me poetry
I want skeleton peace after crime-scene sex
I want a man like John Lennon to airbrush the evils of capitalism after our cuts and bleeds
I want bed peace after my young-girl 3-way
and the next morning I want a voluptuous breakfast of
fat fish with my side of baby juice

I want you to hold me under the moon when we are freezing
my body bathed in light
while snow dissolves with your utterance that you love:
my honey eyes
my soul
my choking throat
my childhood
my womb
our future babies
I want lock-jaw while you sweep, suck and hoover my
brain with Oscar Wilde euphoria
I want you to hold my hand
when we write songs about the war
and drink from my womb when I menstruate
I want to breathe in unison.

I want that.